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Information Technology (IT), Information Assurance (IA)

We perform a variety of complex assignments associated with managing and controlling Regional Operation Center (ROC), Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) IT and communications systems to include, setting up and maintaining multiple types of operational/computer systems such as Broadband Global Area Network units (BGAN) for Mobile Emergency Satellite Communications systems for the US Navy.
  • Administrative Information Assurance Support. Provide information assurance support for the customer and other installation sites under the customerís portal.
  • Implement approved security settings prescribed by the Information Assurance department for all systems managed under this effort.
  • Provide support and administration of networks, including any which are administered within a ONE-Net Community Of Interest (COI).
  • Maintain hardware configuration files and monitor system status and performance, investigate system malfunctions to determine cause, define problems and initiate corrective action, coordinate and document hardware and software maintenance, install and provide maintenance of LAN and related components to include diagnostic testing and system troubleshooting, repair and replacement of components, installation, configuration, integration, testing, preventive maintenance and system upgrades.
  • Administer and/or oversee systems/environment solutions for multiple projects with varying schedules which are critical to the success of programs and plan system environment requirements for individual projects.
  • Provide ongoing support for all post ONE-NET cutover activities required by the Command, which may include coordinating systems refresh, processing and updating inventory documentation, interfacing with ONE-net and other external organization IT points-of-contact to facilitate support of general and command-specific IT requirements. This includes implementation of policies for the 1) management of share drive space, 2) tracking of user accounts and documentation, distribution lists, and 3) coordinating support for Command VIP trouble tickets with the Computer and Telecommunications Station (CTS) helpdesk.
  • Provide troubleshooting processes and procedures, applicable customer procedures, to include the Enterprise Support Center (ESC), applicable Request For Change form (RFC) procedures, help-desk tickets and Move-Add-Change (MAC) procedures.
  • Optimize IT system / infrastructure adaptability, upgrading critical infrastructure components, and integrating the latest technology developments into existing customer environments.
  • Provide Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis / Support to perform analysis of various BI costing and performance models, surveys including:
    • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) models
    • Periodic performance and costing metric inputs
    • Customer survey data
    • Geographic Information System (GIS)-based models/reports
Training Support Services

LBS will provide two courses. These are hands-on intensive courses where students perform realistic setup and operation exercises required to perform functional administrative and configuration tasks. The courses consist of lectures in addition to hands-on configuration, operation, and maintenance with actual network equipment.
  • Course Title: KG-75 / 175 FASTLANE TACLANE Combo Training: This course is recommended for individuals who will be installing and or operating TACLANEs and/or FASTLANEs on the DISN network, which will be designated as FASTLANE/TACLANE Security Administrators (SA) or DISA Node Site Coordinators. Candidates must have a U.S. Government issued security clearance, no less than SECRET and COMSEC AWARENESS Briefing (FORM DD2625) Candidates should have a fundamental understanding of ATM theory, subnetting, IP addressing, and DISA cryptographic units. This course covers Equipment Overview, Theory of Operation, FASTLANE/TACLANE in the DATMS, CYZ-10 (DTD) Operation, Key Management, Initialization and Configuration, Loading Preplaced/Firefly Keys, Operation, Troubleshooting, and Doctrine. Provide a hands-on learning environment using NSA-approved Type 1 network encryption devices integrated with actual network equipment into Serial and Ethernet circuits. Each encrypted circuit is a simulation of the SIPRNET Crypto Modernization Initiative (CMI), for the Link Encryption Family (LEF) and High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptors (HAIPE).
    • Length of Course: 5 days
    • Prerequisite: US Government issued Security Clearance, no less than SECRET and COMSEC Awareness briefing (DD Form 2625).
    • Number of Students per Class: Min. 6; Max. 10
  • Course Title: KIV 7M Link Encryptor Training: The KIV-7M course offering is designed to equip students with the knowledge and ability to successfully install, configure, operate, and maintain the encryption device within DOD SIPRNET leased line WAN circuit environment. The course consists of lecture in addition to hands-on configuration, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting exercises. This combination includes KIV-7M setup, configuration, and communication with KG-194A, KIV-19, KIV-19A and KIV-7HSB. Additional troubleshooting exercises introduce faults into working student generated networks in order to experience real-world, real-time problem resolution.
    • Length of Course: 3 days
    • Prerequisite: US Government issued Security Clearance, no less than SECRET and COMSEC Awareness briefing (DD Form 2625).
    • Number of Students per Class: Min. 6; Max. 10

Exterior Plant Installations
LBS Exterior Plant Installations include all cable and wire that extends outward from the private branch exchange (PBX) mainframe protectors, as well as supporting structures such as conduit, maintenance holes, or poles necessary to connect communications equipment to the minimum point-of-entry protectors of buildings.
  • Fiber and RF cable installation/splicing
  • Messenger cable installation
  • Lashing of fiber and RF cables to messenger cable
  • Arm, Bend, and Lock Box Installation
  • Manhole and hand hole installations
  • CAD/VISIO documentation of installations
  • Testing and Acceptance results
  • Pole Installation
  • Building Bracket Installation
  • Grounding of all Lock Boxes
Interior Plant Installations
LBS Interior Plant Installations includes all the cabling and equipment installed in a facility and all the equipment extending inward there from, such as including Intrusion Detection (IDS), Access Control, Video Teleconferencing (VTC) and Video Surveillance equipment.
Planning   Cable Splicing
Cable Testing   Cable Pulling
Troubleshooting   Fire stopping
Retrofit Installations   Cable Termination Practices
Installing Supporting Structures    
Complete Site Surveys
LBS Complete Site Surveys includes the following:
  • Properly assess the current infrastructure
  • Document/Validate the appropriate fiber, cable, wire runs
  • Determine where IDS, Access Control and Video Surveillance is required
  • Acquire a list of all IDS, Access Control, and Video Surveillance devices and their locations
  • Verify and validate locations of Secure Communication Rooms
  • Verify Power Requirements/Action Items
  • Provide a valid estimate for any civil work that may be required for successful implementation
  • Validate location and station of racks, power, drops
  • Review the physical layout of each building for each base
  • Determine the fiber infrastructure throughout each building that will receive upgrade or work
  • Determine current power infrastructure and available power to support new deployment
  • Inspect current systems, lock boxes and requirements to support new equipment
  • Inventory all networking equipment
Additional Solutions
LBS Additional Solutions includes the following:
  • Customized software programming, writing, and installation
  • Video Teleconference systems
  • IDS & Badging systems
  • Closed Circuit Television systems
  • Intelligent Building Fire Detection and Voice Evacuation systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Control Wiring and PLC (program logic controllers)
  • Sericulture wiring (Cat 5) computer and control wiring
  • Telephone systems
  • Building Entrance Systems (intercom, fingerprinting, and iris scan)
  • Internet camcorder with monitor interaction
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