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Technology Development and Integration
Hardware/Software Solutions
Laser Barcode Solutions, Inc. is a reseller of premier software developers such as Morse Watchmans Inc., Videx and others. Additionally, LBS offers its own suite of special purpose software products.
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Morse Watchmans
KeyWatcher System
   ScanExec tracks and ensures that security personnel are making their rounds as scheduled. Using handheld scanners, security personnel scan bar codes placed in strategic locations throughout the facility with the added ability of assigning actions or incidents that may occur at these locations. Reports can then be generated detailing the information obtained.

 ScanKey controls the accounting and tracking of hundreds of critical keys within the company. With a unique barcode attached to each key in the company, ScanKey accounts for: who checks out the key, whether or not that person is authorized, when the key is returned, overdue keys, and prints detailed reports automatically.

The definition of 'Biometric' is the measurement of a living, human characteristic. Biometric technologies measure characteristics such as fingerprints, voice recordings, irises, heat patterns, keystroke rhythms, and facial images--comparing a person's unique characteristics against previously enrolled (saved) images for the purpose of recognition.
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Originally a bar coding exclusive company, LBS takes pride in its bar coding expertise. We value our ability to provide the best bar coding solutions to our customers. The scanners that we support have always fulfilled or exceeded our client’s expectations.
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Bar Code Printers
Efficient and reliable bar code label printers are essential to the bar coding industry. We offer portable bar code label printers which satisfy real-time solutions as well as high speed desktop versions that can print hundreds of labels per minute.
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